Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Makes the Fifth Major?

Dave Shedloski in Golf Digest explores the concept of what exactly are the characteristics of a fifth major for an individual player. It is a fascinating piece because he asks players what they consider their fifth major to be, as opposed to a general question about the Players - the supposed 5th major. Most guys appear practical and at least acknowledge the Players in their answer because of its good field, made up prestige, and the cash. A good number of guys also have a tournament that is nearer and dearer to their heart which becomes their fifth major.

The Australians, rightfully so, pick the Australian Open as the event for them. Guys in Europe seem to pick their national opens as well. Many Americans think that Memorial or Colonial would be theirs. Some seem motivated by where they live. It is a diverse mix, but a piece worth reading to see what motivates players and how they know a big event to them.

Hale Irwin, always blunt, had the best quote in the piece:

"I never played in one major championship where I knew what the prize money was, nor did I care. That's how you know it's a major," says three-time U.S. Open champion Hale Irwin. "When it's all about the trophy and the accomplishment and the satisfaction in winning, then you've found your major, whether it's one of the four traditional ones or something else you point to. It's the intangibles."

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