Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New LPGA Event in China in 2008

Just announced today by the LPGA Tour.

CHINA will host its first US LPGA tournament in October, with 63 of the world's top women golfers competing for a purse of $US1.8 million ($A1.92 million), it was announced.

The event, to be known as the Grand China Air LPGA, will be played at the Haikou West Golf Club on tropical Hainan island from October 24-26.
Women's golf is pretty big in Asia, especially compared to the United States. Take into account that a growing number of transnationals have a presence in China, and the LPGA has found a potential jackpot. It is easier at times to traverse the globe to find sponsors in ideal places rather than force the issue in the United States.
"China is one of the fastest growing golf markets in Asia, and with our growing fan and sponsor interest, it is the right time to bring the LPGA there."
And the field composition is similar to the HSBC Women's Champions event:
The field will be made up of the top 51 ranked available players on the LPGA Official Money List as of September 14, with 12 other invited players, most likely Chinese golfers.

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