Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Knew John Daly Was Wrong...

A story came out from Reuters yesterday saying that John Daly had claimed that Butch Harmon had "apologised" to him for dumping him in light of reports of drinking and partying. Daly also said that he spoke with Harmon and was disappointed that Butch would make the move he did without clear facts to prove the allegations.

Apparently, that made Butch Harmon unhappy. He was so upset, that he told the Golf Channel his side of the story.

Daly told reporters in Seville, where he is playing in this week’s Spanish Open, that: “I called (Harmon) the other day and he said he realized he didn’t get the facts right and felt bad about it.”

Daly was referring to Harmon’s decision to stop working as Daly’s swing coach last month. At the time, Harmon cited, among other things, Daly’s refusal to get help for his drinking problems.

Contacted Wednesday, Harmon told GOLF CHANNEL the following:

“John Daly called me on Thursday and said he had lost all of his endorsement contracts because of me and my statements and asked if I could print a retraction. I said, ‘John, you lost your contracts because of you and not anyone else….you need to quit blaming everyone else….I wish you well and I hope you play well.’ ”

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