Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rule 78: The Reading Comprehension Edition

The Golfworld/ESPN guys debate whether or not Rule 78 is a good idea. Of course, two say yes, and two say no. Ron Sirak was one of the guys who said yes. While I disagree totally with the concept of a flimsy cut line, he makes this very key point: the players are to blame.

Those guys complaining have no case for several reasons, the most important being that their players reps on the Policy Board approved the change. Did they know it was under discussion and did they make their feelings known then? Did they bother to read the rule change when it was approved? I hope the some guys complaining now have done a better job of reading the Drug Testing Manual the tour has circulated, otherwise they could be in for a shock when testing starts in July.
The players have to be active members of their tour in order to get it to run how they would like. If they don't, then they forfeit their right to complain.

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