Thursday, January 17, 2008

Odd Implication of Drug Testing

There's an old Robert Schimmel bit - which you can find on your own because it's a bit raunchy - about some of the bizarre language in a pamphlet he received about resuming sex after a heart attack. If you can find it, do that, then read this:

Differences between the lists of permitted drugs on the US and European tours prompted bewilderment at a European players' meeting this week.

The confusion centred on the number of Viagra-type drugs allowed; higher on the US list, lower on the European equivalent.

Paul Casey and Ian Poulter were just two to stress that an understanding needed to be reached before testing started in July.

While hastily noting that they had no personal need of them, several players wanted to know why the Americans had three permissible drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, where they had just the one.

ED meds caught the ire of golfers? And the Americans can use more ED drugs than the Euros? Is it because Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are all sponsors or advertisers of the PGA Tour in some fashion?

As it turns out, the European Tour's players website clarifies that their list has the same number of ED and asthma (the other and more important ailment in question) medications permitted as the US PGA Tour.

But it still stands that this story is pretty ridiculous, both from the juvenile perspective and the lighter side of drug testing.

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