Friday, August 8, 2008

Dennis Walters Receives PGA Award

I've written about Dennis Walters in the blog before and had him on The 19th Hole. What an ambassador for golf this guy is. And on Wednesday night, he received an the Distinguished Service Award from the PGA of America for his achievements. The Local Knowledge Blog at Golf Digest has the details that you can read.

Here is the most phenomenal part of the story, for me at least:

Walters, who by putting one-handed after balancing himself on leg braces and a single crutch can still break 40 over nine holes at his home course, the Ritz Carlton in Jupiter, Fla., keeps his golf advice simple.
Seriously, that puts almost every golfer on the planet to shame. Walters is an incredibly talented man and deserves a ton of respect for what he has achieved.

Congratulations, Dennis!

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