Friday, August 8, 2008

And It's Official, Ginn Tribute RIP

We got it from the AP:

The organizers of the LPGA's Ginn Tribute hosted by Annika Sorenstam announced Friday they couldn't obtain the sponsorships needed to keep the tournament through 2010.

Ginn Companies chairman Bobby Ginn blamed a faltering economy and less corporate funds for the demise of the tournament at RiverTowne Country Club.

"The golf tournament business is primarily fueled by economic support," Ginn said in a statement. "We did everything in our power to generate the sponsorship necessary to continue with the Ginn Tribute, but given the current market and corresponding cuts in corporate spending, it was an uphill battle."

Also got a typo:

While South Carolina is a golf destination ... the LGPA Tour has struggled to find a footing.

So that whole denial thing in The State from Ginn? Biding time.

Now, does the Ginn Open become Annika's event?

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