Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's It Like to Get Drug Tested?

Well, Jim Moriarty at Golf Digest ventured to a private North Carolina firm to find out for himself. It's a short piece, and pretty amusing. It could have used more pictures of Anne Hathaway - who he references - but that's ok. That's what Google is for, right?

Anyway, I'm hoping that in the next few days, we will see some stories or testimonials come out about the testing experience that begins this week at Congressional. Still, for many people, they have been drug tested for their jobs. Scientists, federal agents, plant workers - pretty much any livelihood. Why are these guys complaining then?

Is it that they'll be watched giving the sample? Perhaps, after all, that is a bit invasive. Moriarty didn't experience that. Then again, it's not like an Eli Lilly representative will be there to push Cialis for players giving the samples.

Is it that they feel that they are not trusted in a game where you are to police yourself? That appears to be the biggest gripe. Maybe that is valid, but fans make calls to the Tour and the USGA from their cell phones on course when they see a questionable play. Just ask Michelle Wie about that one.

It just seems to me that these guys want to be able to go to the bathroom on their own volition, without someone watching, and take all of the junk GNC supplements that they want. While I cannot argue with that desire, they are playing for millions of dollars funded by everyone other than themselves. I think that a trade off of drug testing for potential millions is not that egregious.

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