Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Defending Kenny Perry

It took a little while to find someone who is, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Dan Manoyan says that Perry is honorable for playing in the US Bank Championship instead of the Open Championship. Cynical Ryan sees this as all too convenient for a Milwaukee guy to be glad they're getting at least one great player while everyone else is at Birkdale.

His rationale?

It’s not that Perry has anything against fish and chips, things British or The Open. Perry is coming to Milwaukee that weekend to play in the U.S. Bank Championship.

Why? Because he gave his word, that’s why.

Unbelievable? Yes.

“Well, I’m sure the sponsors — I’ve already committed to their tournament,” Perry said Sunday after winning the Buick Open. “That just wouldn’t look good, in my opinion, to be committed and then just stone them to go play in The British Open.

“That ain’t right. I’m not going to do that. If the Buick Open was that week and I did it to the Buick Open, I’m sure they would feel slighted or whatever.

“I’m going to stand by my word. I committed to them the first of the year and that’s where I’m going.”

I don't completely believe that as Perry's motivation, but I am sure it played some part. More important to him is accessibility of Ryder Cup points. They will come for him in spades in Milwaukee, and that's why he decided to commit to there in the first place. With a lousy British Open track record, why should he change his mind now?

Then there is a bit of a revelation from Perry about his schedule next year (in a Pres Cup year):
“I’ll probably play all the majors next year,” Perry said. “I’ll probably go to the British and I’ll definitely play our Open. That’s just the way it was this year.”
That says that Perry (a) isn't as concerned about making the Pres Cup team and (b) that this year was all a stunt to make the Ryder Cup squad.

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