Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Testing, But an Announcement Pending

Peter Dawson's presser yesterday reveals some information on a pending announcement on grooves. Let's go to the transcript:

Q. Unrelated to this week, how are you guys doing on the U grooves, V grooves thing? There's a perception in the States that it's the R & A that's dragging its feet on that implementation. Fairly or not, maybe you can address that and tell us when you see that coming on-line, if at all, and what the hold-ups and hurdles might be.

PETER DAWSON: Well, the current status of that is that there's been some additional testing conducted just in the last few weeks in the women's game, at LPGA Tour events, and the results of that are just coming through now, which I don't think has changed anything. And I think you can expect to see something about this in the next three to four weeks.

Q. A firm date for implementation?

PETER DAWSON: No, that was an announcement in three to four weeks. I'm not going to preempt what that says.

Well, this could mean a whole lot of things. No action, lots of action, more delays. But since they're testing the golf ball this week at the Open, I'd bet on the latter.

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