Thursday, July 17, 2008

The R&A is STILL Testing?

This is just ridiculous. The USGA has sunk a lot of money and time into understanding how great players perform off of the tee, in the fairway, from the rough, to the green, and everywhere else in an attempt to understand the golf ball and how to regulate technology. Has the R&A not been CC'd on every report issued publicly or privately by the USGA? Apparently, because they're conducting their own testing this week.

From the Open Golf homepage:

The R&A is carrying out field tests on four holes of this week's Open Championship to accurately measure the distance the ball carries, trajectory, spin rate and roll as part of an ongoing programme to monitor the performance of top players.
WHAT? Are they worried that the USGA had tainted balls or players? Or the British wind does a better job of testing?

Get off of your butts and get on board the regulation express.

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