Monday, June 16, 2008

Spotting Mediate a Few?

Tiger may very well spot Rocco Mediate a couple of shots tomorrow morning in the playoff. Woods is +5 on that hole this week - 3 doubles and a birdie. How about Rocco? He has pared it every round.

On the front, Woods is +3 this week. Mediate is -5. With that in mind, Woods will have to really push from the start to beat his record this week.

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Andy Brown said...

From what we have seen I don’t think it would be as big a mismatch as everyone is making it out to be. True, that he has never lost a major after having a share of the 54 hole lead and perhaps truer that the putt at the end of the fourth round was destined to go in, I just feel that Rocco Mediate is not the kind of guy who is going to wilt under pressure. He seems to be completely focused on his own game. There was a moment when he was walking up to the 17th green when Roger Maltbie told him that Tiger had just made a bogey on the previous hole and to that Rocco Mediate said “ I could not care less”. At the risk of it sounding arrogant and cocky I think what he was trying to convey was that he was really focused on keeping his game steady and whatever is to happen will happen.

A wounded Tiger is always dangerous but Tiger will now have to play his fifth complete round in a row and that might well tell on his performance but knowing the vast reservoir of grit that he can call upon on at any moment we would be naïve to suggest that his knees would fail on him. Not a complete mismatch but then Rocco Mediate would have to play out of his skin to win his first major.