Monday, June 16, 2008

Modular Golf?

I'm beginning to think that Mike Davis is onto something much larger than a brilliant Open setup. I think he could be opening up the concept of modular golf. This is going to be far out there, but I want your thoughts on it.

Today, 14 played as a 267 yard par 4. It could have easily been a very lengthy par 3 - still short of Oakmont's #8 last year. Why not play it like a par 3 and change par to 70 for the day?

How about taking the 18th hole and bumping it down to 470 and a par 4 for a round and throwing in the Sunday Buick Invitational pin? Originally, it was the idea to make 18 into a par 4 for the Open. It would not have hurt to throw that bone in for a day.

Why not coming up with an ultra short tee for a hole like 13? Tiger and Lee Westwood were made to look like fools from 290 yards in the fairway. If that were the tee, and the hole a par 4, would most golfers have given that a stab? I think so. If not, they would have a 100 yard or less pitch that is awkward up the hill.

Certainly, not every course could play this way. But, it might be worth a chance. If par doesn't matter - and, really, it doesn't in major championship golf - then the Mike Davis' of the world can do anything that their imagination conjures.

Consider this from Jim Furyk:

"As far as protecting par, I firmly believe the USGA wants to make the golf course as difficult and as testing a golf course as they can without going overboard," Furyk said. "For the best players in the world, that's going to be shooting somewhere around even par. But if it's 5 under or 5 over, I don't think it really matters."
My hope is that the rumors of introducing forward tees at Augusta National will be true. If that is the case, there may very well be some relief for the disease of Par-itis at the Masters.

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