Friday, June 27, 2008

The Rocco Bounce

Seriously, this guy has become a rock star. If he could only win more than half of the time, like Tiger can, Rocco could transform golf. He shot 71 in his first round back on Tour after the Open. The game story is a nice summary of the kind of treatment he is getting from all angles.

"I'm about to faint,'' Mediate said after signing for a 1-under 71 in the scoring trailer.

Mediate got a boost of energy moments later when he walked into the locker room.

Tom Lehman was the first of a few players to greet him with a hug or handshake and kind words about his showing in U.S. Open. Then, Mediate opened his locker and read the latest batch of handwritten notes from PGA Tour peers.

"This whole experience has been unbelievable,'' he said.
And from the fans, he gets just as much love.
Mediate's approach from 115 yards at No. 6 sailed to the right and landed in rough thick enough it almost hid the ball, an errant shot just 46 fans standing along the ropes saw at the sparsely attended event.

Instead of cursing at himself, Mediate conversed with fans and joked about how many of them say "That's a gimme,'' any time a ball is remotely close to the cup.

"You need to come up with something else,'' Mediate joked.

While Mediate's playing partners waited on the seventh tee, he chatted with Hilfman and signed autographs for a couple of young boys.

"Rocco, that was a great battle with Tiger,'' a fan shouted to Mediate as he walked to the scoring trailer.

"Thank you,'' he replied.
The guy is fantastically kind. You do not see a guy like him very often. He may quickly join the Mount Rushmore of guys that I love on Tour. He joins Boo Weekley as the 2nd to be nominated.

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Bill-DC said...

I would love to see him win Tiger's tourney here in DC this week. How cool would that be?

Go Rocco, go!