Friday, June 27, 2008

Greg Norman is NOT the Most Likeable Guy

I don't normally get into paparazzi stories, and I'm not going to quote this one on this blog, but a column on gives some information about Greg Norman and his associates that, if validated, proves that he's probably not someone you would want as your friend.

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Bill-DC said...

The fact people still care about these two is amazing. Evert last played, what 20 years ago and Mr. Just As Many Majors As Andy North was last seen making one last grasp at a win at Augusta in 1999 before gagging to Jose Maria Olazabal.

I'll give him some credit though, his wines for the past few years have been ranked higher than his world golf ranking.

So get over yourself Shark. Maybe if you won more than two majors we'd give a rats ass.