Friday, June 27, 2008

Johnny Miller...Cause It's Friday.

What do we know about Johnny Miller? He shot 63 to win the US Open at Oakmont. He choked away some other major opportunities.

We also know that he puts his foot in his mouth a lot in the NBC golf booth. It is possible that his schtick has grown old with the golf audience from what I am reading.

And he is an egoist. (Really, what golf commentator that hasn't been doing the job for a legendary period of time would allow the Golf Channel to profile them for a half hour special?)

So why not rub some salt in the wound and post a piece interviewing him for the Reno Gazette-Journal? Before I do, though, I'd like to go on record as pleading with the media community to simply stop talking to the guy. He does provide endless material, but it is a cycle of perhaps four or five things. Until he starts saying new funny things, just re-print old interviews.

But, I will work with what I am given.

First, on ratings, Johnny presents a keen insight:

"To be honest, the tour is really going to be hurting," Miller said Friday at the unveiling of Timilick Tahoe, a private course he co-designed along with John Harbottle. "You know, really hurting, a lot more than people know. It will go on. Nobody is bigger than the tour, but if anybody has ever come close to being as big as the tour, it's Tiger. And a lot of these tournaments that thought they bought their way into getting Tiger to show up, they're out of luck, aren't they? The TV ratings are going to go down quite a bit."
For the record, Tiger was only going to play about 10 more times this year. Pretty much every tournament not currently in the Tiger Tour knows what they're getting.

Then, how about an unintentional joke?
"It seems like Vijay (Singh) is still a really good player, but maybe has had his best days," Miller said. "Phil (Mickelson) I think still has got some great golf left in him, but he's getting up there too. It's interesting to see who's it going to be. Is it going to be a European? Europeans are good."
Vijay would tell you that Europeans - particularly the British - are lazy and happy to lose. By process of deduction, then, Phil must be the guy.

And Miller is ready with balloons and refreshments for everyone if Tiger winds up not beating Jack's mark of 18 majors. Why? Because he ... called it.
"In my book ("I Call the Shots," published in 2005) I wrote that there's a good chance that he wouldn't beat Nicklaus' record because who knows what his back would do, or his elbow, or, I didn't say knee, but the guy creates a 185-mile-per-hour ball speed, and he's got 132-mile-per-hour club speed and he's got that violent left foot jump-back."
Stop feeding the bears!

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The Florida Masochist said...


I've pointed out how much BS Miller is full of. His book was horrible not because of the idiotic errors in it,(Ed Fiori beating Tiger woods in a playoff at the 1996 Quad Cities) but because of the big lie Miller made in it on page 224. I quote-

“I also won the San Francisco City Championship, the biggest local amateur tournament there was.”

Miller never won it.

Hypothetically Miller could be talking about some other tournament, but it then wouldn't be the biggest local amateur tournament there is. Miller is a bragging distortionist or a liar. Neither says anything good about him.