Monday, June 2, 2008

Did JB Holmes Diss the Golden Bear?

I did not catch this part of the television coverage on Sunday - flipping back and forth between the Ginn Tribute and the Memorial will do that to you - but some people are speculating that JB Holmes ("I'll take as long as I want") dissed Jack Nicklaus while walking off of the 18th at Muirfield yesterday.

Jason Sobel, in the Weekly 18, speculates:

We weren't on site at Muirfield Village this week and didn't hear anything about this after the fact, so we're inclined to give J.B. Holmes the benefit of the doubt. In case you missed it, the FBR Open champ walked off the 18th green Sunday, looked in the direction of tournament host Jack Nicklaus … and then looked away and walked right past him.

We gave the incident a few rewinds on the DVR, and if a picture tells a thousand words, it was apparent that Holmes (who had just completed a final-round 5-over 77 to finish T-20) wanted no part of the tournament host as he headed toward the scorer's trailer.

I'm trying to find a YouTube of it, and if so, I will post it. AOL Fanhouse said that JB did toss his ball to a youngster in the crowd. And he did cost himself a couple hundy grand with his round. He probably had a right to be peeved. But to avoid shaking the hand of the best player in history? Childish. Hopefully he meant nothing by it. Then again, Holmes has said he'll do things how he wants.

This also made Yahoo! Sports' golf blog vis a vis The Golf Watch blog. The Yahoo! blog comments are hilarious. Golf Watch mentions some Jim Nantz quote on air about the situation.

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Bill-DC said...

Two future invitations probably not in the mail: JB's from the Memorial and Rory Sabbatini's from Tiger's AT&T National.