Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greg Norman, an Australian, Really Loves the Mile

I thought that everyone outside of the United States used the Metric system because of its ease of use with only having to know the number 10 and how many 0s to place after it for all measurements. I was apparently wrong.

Greg Norman's Jumeirah Golf Estates's "Earth" course will be the first host of the Dubai World Championship in 2009 - capping off the Race to Dubai on the European Tour.

In the press release for the announcement, Norman indicated this:

“Of course, I think the entire course has a great balance, but the finish will really stand out. The last four holes will measure exactly a mile, 1760 yards. I expect it will be considered one of the most challenging and exciting miles of golf, in terms of risk and reward."
Interestingly enough, a reader of Geoff Shackelford's blog noticed something eerily similar here in the United States:
However reader Rich noticed this website claim for Lansdown Resort's Norman-designed course in Virginia:
The last four holes measure exactly 1,760 yards—equal to one mile—creating, according to Norman, “the hardest mile in golf.”
Norman apparently has locked up the hardest mile in golf, and the most challenging and exciting mile in golf. There are plenty of other superlatives out there, though.

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