Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apparently, Butch Harmon Watches Pro Wrestling

Butch Harmon has a stable of "studs" that he is now handling - Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Fred Couples, and Ernie Els. Basically, four of the favorites not named Tiger at the Masters are under the direction of Butch Harmon. James Lawton, in the Independent, just makes it too easy for the rest of this post:

Within days of breaking from the perhaps terminally unstructured John Daly, Harmon was adding Ernie Els to a stable that already included world number two Phil Mickelson and the hugely promising young Australian Adam Scott.

This effectively makes Harmon the official head of the Anti-Tiger Alliance. Some time in the next four days of the 72nd US Masters the guru may feel that going against the Viet Cong wasn't such a reach after all.

So, who are they? The Four Horsemen? The Nation of Domination, pictured below? Please use your imagination.

Considering that Butch Harmon really wants to stick it to Tiger for leaving him in the first place - for Hank Haney of all people - it almost has to be Degeneration X. If you'll remember right, Degeneration X originally used to be two members: the incomparable Shawn Michaels (Phil Mickelson) and the King of Kings, Triple H (Harmon, clearly, because Triple H always carried around a sledgehammer). And, really, can you not imagine them doing this pose with shirts ON after Phil won the Players?

Then, over time, the faction expanded to include the scrawny X-Pac (Couples, by default) and the New Age Outlaws (the younger Adam Scott and new guy Ernie Els).

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