Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Time to Officially Hand Over the Scepter

Lorena Ochoa is officially queen of the LPGA Tour. No two ways about it as she obliterated the select field of 77 players in the HSBC Women's Champions event in Singapore this weekend. She delivered an 11 shot win, finishing on -20, and doing all of this despite torrential rain and storms.

On the plus side for Annika Sorenstam, she finished in 2nd place. Unfortunately, as mentioned, that was 11 shots behind the Ochoa pace.

The sick part is that this is Ochoa's first start of the season. She was little bit rusty in terms of tournament action. Annika had already won the opening event of the season and had a top five finish in her other appearance in Hawaii. A lot of people - myself included - thought Annika had a good fighting chance this week. Ochoa shut that door quickly.

A couple of paragraphs from the AP game story indicate the quality of her performance and thoughts on her own work this weekend.

In an event where only 13 players finished under par, Ochoa opened with rounds of 66, 65 and 69 to take an eight-stroke lead over Sorenstam and Creamer into the final round. Ochoa missed a chance to break Cindy Mackey's 72-hole record for margin of victory of 14, but topped her own mark of 10 in the 2006 Tournament of Champions.

"Sometimes you can play your best and someone else does something better than you, and sometimes you can just play OK and win," Ochoa said. "Sometimes you can get away with a tournament, but this week for some reason I was the only one that - I played consistent and some other players struggled a little bit.

"Sometimes it happens that you take a big lead and you feel comfortable and you keep going, and today that was the case. It was just great because I also had pressure. I wanted to keep the pace. I didn't want to make mistakes. I wanted to win by more than eight, which was my lead yesterday. It was good today."

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