Friday, February 29, 2008

New Cut Policy Not Speeding Up Play

Tiger Woods would seem to think so if you read this BBC article.

"It's been an ongoing problem on the PGA Tour for some time," Woods said in his newsletter to fans.

"I honestly believe the pace of play is faster in Europe and Japan."

"It has been suggested the offenders should be penalised with strokes (against them)," he added.

"The problem is you may get one guy who slows down a group by playing at a snail's pace and gets them all put on the clock, which isn't fair.

"I know this is a complicated issue. Hopefully it can be addressed in the near future."

I would be very curious to see Woods' opinion of the new LPGA slow play policy - I think the best out there today, although I wish they would allow for one offense of the rule per tournament before assessing penalties that could change the outcome. Still, Rule 78 - now Rule 78 v2.0 - does not appear to be placating Tiger's interests in speeding up play.

And since every post today seems to be concerned with golf participation, I'll add this paragraph from the article.
Recent figures suggest golf in the US is in decline because people lack the time to play on a regular basis.


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