Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Quick LPGA Drug Testing Update

Beth Ann Baldry over at Golfweek has a good anecdote about the first wave of drug testing on the LPGA Tour. It seems to have some kinks.

Natalie Gulbis, however, waited for at least 2 hours before someone was available to administer her test.

“I think they have some kinks they definitely need to work out,” said Gulbis, who noted that more administrators were added as the day went along. “But everything was handled very professionally.”

Jill Pilgrim, the LPGA’s general counsel, referred to the day as historic in golf and deemed it “very successful and positive.” She said the tour was more concerned with everything being precise than the amount of time it took to be tested. As players and officials become more familiar with the process, Pilgrim said, it will get faster.
To not get too technical about it, one of the biggest delays is when players do not have a sample to provide, or they are too nervous to be able to do it. There's an example in the piece:
The Aussie was so concerned about what was to follow, she could barely fill out her scorecard.

“I was nervous, anxious,” said Wright, who couldn’t believe she was asked to take her hat off while giving the sample. “It’s like teeing off. Once you get out there, you’re ready to go.”

For Wright, the process of giving a sample with someone in the room was more worrisome than the results.

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