Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Masters Interactive on DirecTV

I missed this from last week, but the Golf Blogger had a link that I had to bring up here. DirecTV, which has pretty much every sports package under the sun including NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hotpass, will be presenting a pay package for the Masters.

The new service will combine live CBS and ESPN coverage of the Tournament with additional views of the legendary Augusta National Golf Club course, access to complete Tournament leader board information, hole-by-hole player statistics, scores, a course tour and on-demand Masters video clips. All Masters channels will be available in both HD and standard-definition to all DIRECTV customers.

The centerpiece of DIRECTV's coverage of the Tournament will be the Masters Mix Channel, offering viewers a unique window on the fabled Augusta course with access to four different views on one screen, including a view dedicated to covering the famed "Amen Corner," another focusing on critical finishing holes 15 and 16, a continuously updated highlight channel showcasing Tournament leaders and their scores, and the CBS national broadcast.

Viewers will also be able to access scores and stats, a top five leader board, Masters trivia and Tournament history by clicking on a small menu icon that appears on each channel.

The Masters Mix Channel will be available on DIRECTV channels 701 (standard-definition) and 706 (high-definition) and will offer the following views within a single screen, including:

-- View One - CBS and ESPN's live coverage of the Tournament.

-- View Two - "Today's Highlights" offers a continuously updating loop of the best shots from the day's play with voice-over providing context and commentary.

-- View Three - "Amen Corner" provides complete coverage of the most famous stretch - holes 11, 12 and 13 - of Augusta National Golf Club. The channel will provide a continuous view of play as the field challenges this most treacherous part of the course.

-- View Four - Holes 15 (the par 5 Firethorn) and 16 (the par 3 Redbud) spotlights this especially difficult part of the course, which can make or break a golfer's round.

It sounds pretty awesome to me, but the article said nothing of cost. Still, this is proof that the Masters is taking new media very seriously. It builds off of the Masters website that shows video with Masters Extra.

A columnist pointed out last season that the aura of the Masters stems, in large part, to the tight and solid package that Augusta National presents through its media partners. This is an addition to that package and they deserve credit for their continued smart marketing of the tournament.

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wendyu said...

DirecTV does NOT have HRTV - and that's a crying shame...

Very cool and I look forward to hearing what people have to say about it.

I personally do not have DirecTV - ugh.