Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Thing Vijay Doesn't Have a 3 Year Plan

Vijay Singh managed to collapse under the pressure of the Sunday back nine at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Formerly Known as the MaBell Bing Crosby Drunken Clambake. He ultimately lost to a clean shaven Steve Lowery when Lowery birdied Pebble's 18th for the win.

Mark Purdy at the San Jose Mercury News has the game story of the collapse.

In the space of 80 minutes, Singh went from a sure runaway winner, to a sure choking loser, to a dramatic birdie putt at the 18th hole that set up a two-man playoff, to losing on the first extra hole to Steve Lowery.

"I'm very disappointed," Singh, visibly drained, said when it was over. "I let this one slip away. I didn't think I was going to lose this."

After that kind of collapse, you would think someone with the negative reputation in the press that Vijay has would be a jerk to Lowery. Not so fast!

Singh, who can be prickly at times, was gracious in defeat and said he would go over every single shot of his collapse to analyze what went wrong. That will be painful.

"Vijay is an intense guy," Lowery said. "I know he gets a tough reputation in the press. But he's very good with the guys inside the ropes. When he shook my hand, I sensed he was happy I won. He knows how hard I work."

Congrats to Steve Lowery, but Vijay handed this win to him. Vijay came into this season feeling more sure about swing changes he had been making in an effort to keep up with Tiger Woods. In the first real tight situation where he needed those changes to click to win, they did not. The same happened to Tiger Woods, though. It is very difficult to make changes and expect them to work the first time. That is probably why Vijay never mentioned a 3 year plan and no one is saying that he is mailing it in on his career.

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