Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Real Good BS From Finchem

Commissioner Finchem had a presser yesterday to cover a ton of different questions. He talked specifically about the situation with Westchester and the Barclays. The Tour is still maintaining that there is a very outside shot that Westchester will still host the 2008 Barclays. The smart money, though, is on that site not being host. Finchy, though, took BSing to a new level. And as an occasional dabbler into BSing, I must say I was impressed with this gem.

It's been widely reported -- we are in discussions with Westchester. We have a multi-year contract with Westchester. Our discussions focus on the possibility to alter the rotation arrangement that we entered into for this six years in some fashion.

As you know, we had agreed to play -- worked out an agreement where we'd play at least three times in six years. We would like to perhaps accelerate the rotation somewhat.

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