Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goosen Has Eye Troubles

Retief Goosen, like Tiger Woods, underwent lasik eye surgery in 2000 in the hopes that improved vision would lead to better reads on the greens, more wins, and more money. Goosen went in for a "touch up" - I can only assume another laser treatment to the eyes - and experience blurred vision in his left eye. After consulting with a doctor in Dubai, he was instructed to go to London to have more laser surgery done to fix whatever troubles he is having. As such, he has WD'd from the Qatar Masters. It still has 9 of the top 25 in the world in the field this week opposite a very competitive field in San Diego. Color me impressed.

If you want more on the Goose's story, check out the Daily Mail copy.

It's a question, though, that may become significant as time develops for all people with lasik surgery. As their eyes naturally regress back to less than 20/20 vision, a lot of people will probably have to have such "touch ups." But, if they produce results like these, does it make people who have not had the surgery yet think twice about doing so?

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