Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Question RE: Kelly Tilghman's Remark

This one comes from AOL Fanhouse - a great general sports blog.

Apologizing and reaching out is better than nothing, but it's rather surprising that the apology took two days and that in the era of Don Imus, so little attention has been paid to this comment.
It's a good point. How in the world did this not come up on Friday evening? I had no idea it even happened until today. That really speaks to the lack of eyes on the Golf Channel's air for this event.

If this had happened on ESPN's air, you had better believe this would have been out to the world almost immediately. Remember when Rush Limbaugh put his foot in his mouth about the NFL's Donovan McNabb? Or - and this is even more telling - how bout when a ESPNews anchor burst into expletives during a highlight on air? The YouTubes were all over that in an instant.

Does this say something about the relevance of the Golf Channel that an anchor has to make a very unfortunate remark for the channel to get serious play? While I hope not, the reaction made today in the non-golf public may indicate that is the reality.

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