Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Last Thing to Consider About LPGA's Policy

I watch CNBC from time to time. (I am NOT American business, though.) They have been running this ridiculous series hosted by Maria Bartiromo - the Money Honey (TM, no joke) - called The Business of Innovation. The latest episode in the series that I saw before I passed out the other night was called "Innovate or Die." It's a pretty strong title, but that's not what caught me.

What did was the CEO of LG. LG is Korean-based, if I recall, but is a global company. They have required all of their employees to speak proficient English. It is the official language of the company. Why? Because the CEO feels it is important to have a common language among employees and to speak the global business language.

It didn't really change my mind on this policy, but is interesting to consider.

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