Friday, September 5, 2008

FedEx Cup Improvements - Bob Harig Edition

Harig penned a piece for ESPN on the subject and I thought I would take down some of his ideas to present them to you. You've seen mine on this blog (via Waggle Room), so I think it's a good idea to keep talking about the subject.

Here are his ideas:

First, limit the playoff field to 100 instead of 144 while allowing a full field of players in each of the three playoff events, meaning there would be a cut each week. Those outside of the top 100 could still compete to win the tournament but would not be eligible for the FedEx Cup.Then whittle the playoff field down to 80, 60 and 30.

Then award more points for top-10 finishes, fewer points for simply making the cut. The best example of this is illustrated by Paul Casey, who tied for seventh at the Barclays and then missed the cut at the Deutsche Bank. He earned 3,455 points at the Barclays, none at the Deutsche Bank. Had he finished 70th both weeks, he would have made 4,196 points.
A couple of good ideas. I still like the idea of keeping non-qualifiers out of Playoff events, but at least he's coming up with some good suggestions. Of course, as he too mentions, no tweaking will matter if a guy comes out and wins 2 events.

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