Monday, August 25, 2008

Safeway Classic and 54 Hole Events

The Hound Dog has a really great summary of the final stretch, including the playoff, at the Safeway Classic. Eventually, Cristie Kerr won for the first time this year and the 11th time in her career.

This was a 54 hole event, which they're trying to phase out of most of the LPGA Tour schedule. For whatever reason, people think it's not as good of an event if you only play 3 rounds. But, what I love about them is the very aspect that caused the playoff this week.

54 holes is not a lot of time to win a tournament. You have to play streaky and hot to win. You can't take a round off and still win - unless you go like 61-61-70.

The stretch of having a half dozen golfers in the mix on Sunday was great, and they were all good names, too. Why not keep that every once in a while? It's a fun change of pace!

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Philip said...

Nice to see Christie win one. She grew up playing the course on the base where I work.