Monday, September 8, 2008

An End and A Continuation

Everyone, it is with mixed emotions that I've decided to transition all of my golf blogging to Waggle Room. The most obvious reason for the transition is sheer volume of hits. Waggle Room gets over 10 times the number of hits to the home page alone, each day. That doesn't even count hits from specific posts. It is just something that lil ole GNN Blog cannot beat.

I have mixed emotions about this because I feel that I've built this place from scratch. It was my baby and it afforded me the great opportunity to take over for an even bigger community, with better resources, at Waggle Room. The folks at SB Nation have the tools to take golf blogging to the next level - and hook ups with Yahoo!, Google, and the like that will take my writing to new audiences. At the same time, the Wagglers are a lively bunch. They chat it up, post on their own, and we have a great debate there.

Don't worry, though, you're welcome at Waggle Room too. In fact, I'd be disappointed if you don't stop by there and join me. I'll still talk about the same things and bash and laud the same subjects with the same vigor. The font and colors will just be a little different. I'll still be doing the weekly podcasts and have them on Golf News Net, iTunes, and Waggle Room.

Basically, I'm replacing a small, cramped dog house, for a luxury doggie mansion where there is plenty room for everyone. I hope to see you there and I thank you for your support over the years.

Ryan Ballengee


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