Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chemistry Matters in the Ryder Cup

How many times have we talked about the winning formula for the Europeans in the Ryder Cup and how it involves a combination of talent AND the fact that the players actually like each other and bond like a team needs to do?


So, it still amazes me that JB Holmes has found his way onto the Ryder Cup team. Not only am I surprised because of the weak sauce on the course toward the end of the year (including the choke at the PGA), but also because players on the team simply don't like the guy.

From Barker Davis at the Washington Times:

[I]t's difficult to see Holmes' popularity in the Bluegrass State outweighing his lack thereof in the team room. If a random sampling of PGA players named the three least-liked guys on tour, Holmes might finish second to Rory Sabbatini. Why? Because the 26-year-old has no social skills. His boorish behavior and poor personal hygiene are running jokes on the PGA Tour. Given that Azinger was supposed to be a more connected captain than recent out-of-touch U.S. skippers Hal Sutton and Tom Lehman, the selection of Holmes seems almost comically misinformed.

"Personality matters," Azinger said at Tuesday's news conference. "If you have guys that are not getting along or whatever, it makes a difference."

Whoops. Then, if personality matters, how could Pres Cup MVP Woody Austin get skipped over in terms of personality and points for Chad Campbell?

Reconcile that quote with this that Azinger said of Austin:

"Woody is an exceptional person and a terrific player," Azinger said. "I've said all along I don't want to try to justify why I didn't pick anybody that I didn't pick. He would have been a terrific pick, but there are a lot of guys who would have been terrific picks."

Are you so sure of that? Cause you missed plenty, Zinger. Their names are O'Hair, Rocco, and Aquaman.

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