Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Would You Rather Be?

Nick Faldo? Paul Azinger? Both have some critical decisions to make after the Labor Day holiday. Most importantly, they each have to determine their captain's picks to round out their respective Ryder Cup teams.

Azinger has to pick four players from the US Ryder Cup points list. Arguably, he will be picking from a selection of guys having mediocre years, inexperienced up and comers, and veterans that would likely be rookies in the competition.

Faldo, on the other hand, seemingly has a wealth of riches. He has the same types of guys, like Nick Dougherty, Martin Kaymer, and Darren Clarke, but they all appear to be playing well when it counts most...now. Faldo, though, only has two picks and will likely hurt some feelings (especially Monty's) if he leaves someone out.

Who would you rather be? Who would you pick on each side?

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