Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seriously, Euro Journalists Are Having an Off Day

First, John Huggan phoned one in on the PGA Championship - even if his premise was right. Now, Richard Bath is doing the same about the Ryder Cup and defending the comments of Hunter Mahan - again, right premise, wrong presentation.

Legends of the American game such as Woods, Mickelson, David Duval and Mark O'Meara have been open about the reason for their antipathy towards an organisation which has all the financial transparency of the average MP's expenses claims. They also have a lukewarm attitude towards the USPGA and want the Players Championship – owned, controlled and completely accountable to the US Tour – to formalise its position as "the fifth Major".
Really? Because, the last I heard, Tiger Woods really doesn't like TPC Sawgrass and only plays in the Players as an act of goodwill to the Tour. Phil Mickelson said that the Players is the fifth major - after winning it first. Duval and O'Meara, well, we'll leave things unsaid but they are certainly not legends of the game.

Again, though, Bath has substance to his claims that American annoyance with the Ryder Cup is a big problem for Europe. While I disagree with the notion that Americans will simply just walk away from the Ryder Cup if big changes are not made, he is right that Americans seek change from the PGA of America.

Finally, this leads into an interesting discussion about the PGA of America. While I do not consider them to be a dinosaur and dying entity, it appears to be the opinion of several European journalists. Is that reality? Is the PGA dead?

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