Monday, August 25, 2008

Kiwis Love Pinehurst #2

Danny Lee was simply amazing on Sunday at the US Amateur finale versus Drew Kittleson - winning their 36 hole match 5 and 4. Lee birdied 40% of the 32 holes played (13). He was making putts from everywhere.

Lee is a New Zealander. If you remember, and you might not, Michael Campbell won the US Open contested there in 2005.

Even more so, Lee becomes the youngest US Amateur champion ever. He eclipses the mark set by, you guessed it, Tiger Woods.

Ken Klavon has a great wrap up on the day and the potential plans for Lee.

For now, he’ll head back to New Zealand for about three weeks. Then, he said, he’ll start preparing for more tournaments. He might even go to PGA Tour Qualifying School as an amateur. He’s not sure.

He just knows this: for three years he tried qualifying for the U.S. Amateur and always came up short. Until this year. He couldn’t explain why other than finding a relationship to Pinehurst and New Zealander golfers, not exactly a Mensa pairing that would go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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