Monday, August 11, 2008

Highway 18 - New Episode and Mini-Marathon

I haven't been able to catch a ton of the Golf Channel show called Highway 18, but I've enjoyed what I've seen of it so far. In effect, it's Amazing Race (which I love to catch when I can) for golf (which I love to do when I can). Makes for some fun.

There are 5 teams and they're on a race through Florida - convenient because TGC is located there, as are the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and several host courses for both tours. The teams do golf related challenges and then get knocked out if they finish last twice.

TGC let me know they're having a catch-up marathon on Tuesday night, with a new episode at 10pm. So, I thought I would pass that along if you're interested in catching onto the show for its last 8 episodes - particularly if you want a break from the Olympics, or America's Best Dog. (Really, CBS?!)

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