Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well Hold Up a Second on Ginn...

The Post and Courier in South Carolina is reporting something different than what Golf World is claiming.

A Ginn Resorts spokesman said Monday a report by Golf World magazine that the Ginn Tribute Hosted by Annika will not be played in 2009 is "not correct."

Ryan Julison, spokesman for Ginn Resorts, which sponsors events on the PGA and Champions Tour as well as another LPGA tournament, stopped short of saying the event will return to Charleston.

"Market conditions are awful and we've got no sponsors on these events," Julison said. "That makes it very difficult to manage this process. But we are certainly looking at all options and we are continuing to work through this very complicated process."

Julison said Ginn Resorts is working with the LPGA and "we are personally trying to determine what our future course of action will be as it relates to all of our tournaments."

That actually sounds worse than just losing the Ginn Tribute.

Julison emphasized that nothing is settled. "It's a situation where we have a contract with the LPGA, and we're working through a variety of processes to consider now. That's where it's at."

I'm not sure where the LPGA stands on this because, as the article states, Commissioner Bivens put the odds of the event happening in 2009 at less than 50-50.

The piece does have quotes from Julison at Ginn that acknowledges this is a tough market, but stops short of declaring the event done. We'll keep you updated...

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