Sunday, July 6, 2008

US Ryder Cup Team For Now

So, we're about 2 months away from the Ryder Cup at Valhalla and the most buzz that is coming for the event is what impact it will have on Kenny Perry's schedule. Or, at least that is what Gary van Sickle's theory is going into a column he wrote on the subject.

The Ryder Cup is a little more than two months away and there is no buzz. No one is talking about it and no one is writing about it. It used to be included in just about every final-round game story written in the United Kingdom from January on. Not this year. I guess when you have back-to-back blowout snoozers, it's not big news anymore.
First of all, Van Sick must not be reading this blog. I've been talking about it. Second, with Anthony Kim's second win of the season, I would argue that this kid is going to get some buzz going too.

Interestingly enough, though, GVS brings up a great point about the lack of experience in the post top 8 positions. You have Snedeker, Zach Johnson, DJ Trahan, Hunter Mahan, Rocco, Holmes, and Watson. You have to PICK four of them. How's that feel, Captain Paul? You're making - at best - an educated guess, but I think there are four guys in that bunch that can bring something significant to the team.

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