Monday, July 21, 2008

That Wie Incident Over the Weekend

Personally, I think this makes a lot of people look bad - Michelle Wie for not signing her card, the volunteers and officials in the scoring tent for not telling her, and the LPGA Tour for actually letting her play the entire Saturday round before DQing her.

After finishing Friday and Saturday in second place at the State Farm Classic, Michelle Wie was one good round away from finally living up to her deep potential.

Then, minutes after tapping in her last putt of the third round, Wie sat red-eyed at a folding table in front of a couple dozen baffled reporters and photographers, explaining why she'd been disqualified from the tournament.

Why not stop her on the 1st tee? How in the world did someone not check this the second that she walked out of the scoring area? Or at least before they shut down for the day?

More on how it went down:

Wie told reporters that after she finished her round Friday, she left the tent just above the ninth green where players sign their scorecards. She was chased down by volunteers working in the tent, who pointed out she hadn't signed.

Wie returned to the tent and signed the card, and "I thought it would be OK," she said.

But Wie, according to Witters, had already walked outside the roped-off area around the tent. At that point, the mistake was final, Witters said.

Witters said she and other tour officials didn't learn about the mistake from volunteers until well after Wie teed off Saturday morning, so they let her finish the round.
I understand the need to be responsible for your own score. That's part of golf. But for the Tour to take a whole day to figure it out, get everyone's hopes up for a Wie win, and then DQ her just seems like a bad move. It's a non-story if she gets DQd on the spot.

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