Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Other Major This Week in Milwaukee. Why, you say? Because we will see just how smart of a man Kenny Perry is. He is currently T4 through 13 holes of his first round at the US Bank Championship. If he wins again, I think he won't be ridiculed nearly as much as if he does poorly. Though, to his credit, at least he is not playing in 40 degree weather.

I did see in a Steve Elling write up that Pat Perez called Kenny Perry a smart man for ducking out on the fun at Birkdale. Then again, Perez went out early, got soaked, and carded 82. Maybe Perry wouldn't have done the same.

Later this afternoon, I heard Perry on the Tirico and Van Pelt show on ESPN Radio. Van Pelt seemed to be giving the kids gloves to Perry as he held the position that he couldn't understand anyone's objection to a man having a goal and achieving it. He likened Perry to Tiger Woods in saying that, in the end, both only care about wins. That's not novel.

The difference between Woods and Perry is that Woods aspires to win meaningful championships. Perry aspires to win anything that will help him out.

Further, Perry has already achieved his goal. He's on the team. It's impossible for him not to be on the team. He needs a new goal. How about winning a major championship?

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