Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Players Playoff Format?

You know how everyone complained about starting a playoff for a prestigious event with a near $2 million payout on an island green par 3 that is subjected to crosswinds? And also that it would be so cool if they had a 3 hole playoff comprising 16, 17, and 18? Well, we might get it! This, according to's Tour Confidential:

I heard from a good source that the Tour and NBC are discussing a three-hole playoff — the 16th, 17th and 18th at TPC Sawgrass — in case of a tie at the Players Championship. Starting a sudden-death playoff at a par-3 like the island-green 17th was always kind of goofy and quickly killed any drama this year when Paul Goydos dunked his tee shot to lose to Garcia. The three-hole playoff is a great idea and one that I've mentioned here before, just like I suggested that the Masters should go to a three-hole playoff at Amen Corner.

Of course, both tournaments would have to move up the tee times a little on Sunday to leave enough daylight for the extra holes, and I'm not sure either the Tour or TV wants to do that, but I'm glad they're at least taking a serious look at it.

They should bump up the tee times for every major final round to 2pm or 1:30pm. Let's get it overwith!

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