Monday, July 28, 2008

Local Public Course Going Under

Here in the Maryland area, we have some pretty solid public courses. Among them is Beechtree, located near the soon-to-be-former host site of the LPGA Championship in Bulle Rock. But, because of the Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) plan, a lot of people and jobs will be coming to Aberdeen - an area very near to these courses. Unfortunately for golfers, Beechtree will no longer be an option...maybe.

The club's 300 acres are close to the Chesapeake Bay, Interstate 95 and the military facility at Aberdeen.Beechtree's owner filed a preliminary plan with Harford County to turn the course into a housing development of more than 730 homes.

It's that potential demand for new housing that's driving the decision at the golf course, Miller reported. The course owners said that BRAC is a big factor in deciding whether to currently replace the course with housing in a market that's taken a big hit.
A top 100 public course (according to Golfweek) is going under in lieu of real estate. Just add another to the tally.

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