Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Throwing This Out There

Paula Creamer has 7 LPGA Tour wins - 3 this season - and achieved that before the age of 22. Now, you need 27 points to be able to get into the World Golf Hall of Fame under the LPGA ballot. She has 7 points on wins. (I originally thought she had 9 thanks to her Rookie of the Year award, but I was dead wrong on that. Just to clarify - more for myself than anyone - the ways you earn points are: 2 points for winning a major; 1 point for winning a "regular" tournament, the scoring title or the Player of the Year award.)

But, if she does manage to get in, shouldn't she automatically become player host of the Jamie Farr? Your thoughts welcome after Creamer's 2 shot win on Sunday.

As a reward for stopping by, here's a nice column on Creamer by Dave Hackenburg in the Toledo Blade.


Hound Dog said...

Creamer is a great bet to get into the Hall, but she doesn't get any points for being Rookie of the Year. Only seven points so far.

Ryan Ballengee said...

I could have sworn that any postseason award nets 2 points. But, I looked it up and I was wrong. I stand corrected.

The Constructivist said...

Hmm, I'd say Se Ri Pak deserves 1st shot at player-host role for the Farr. She already is a Hall of Famer and she's won there 5x.

Ryan Ballengee said...

Wouldn't disagree at all with that. I was going with the Owens Corning-Pink Panther connection. I suppose 5 wins and the tournament scoring record would have something to say about that. :)