Monday, July 7, 2008

Golf For Women to Stop Production

Golf Girl's Diary made the post this evening to announce the news that Golf For Women's next issue will be its last. The Golf Girl blogs for the GFW website. I've had several GFW writers and editors on the show over the years and always had a good time with them. That's unfortunate that the magazine will stop production. I hope that some Web presence will continue, though.

This morning, Geoff Shackelford made a post on the topic and confirmed that the move of Susan Reed to Oprah Magazine did GWF in for good.

Here is a good entry from Will Wolfrum at He wonders about the online future of GFW which, in my opinion, has grown tremendously:

As for GFW’s online survival, that remains an unanswered question. Kristen Williams, aka “The Golf Chick,” and a former columnist, wrote: “My editor from their website still isn’t sure what’s going to happen with their online presence so there could still be some life there.”
I don't know that the total end is here for GFW, but I also question how much Conde Nast was just looking for a reason to dump the magazine.

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