Tuesday, July 8, 2008

American Odds at Birkdale

I have been saying all summer that Birkdale is American-friendly.

Here's my simple, but effective, rationale.

In the last 3 Opens there, an American has won two - Watson in 1983, O'Meara in 1998. Ian Baker-Finch won the other in 1991.

There were five Americans in the top 10 in '83, 4 in '91, and another 5 in 1998.

I know Americans have a great track record in the Open since I've been alive - 1983 - in winning 12 of 25 Opens but, Birkdale is among the most American friendly tracks. (St Andrew's is probably most friendly.)


The Florida Masochist said...

Kenny Perry hottest player in the world?

In their last 8 events(or the beginning of May) compare Perry vs Player X from the LPGA-

P- 49, 15, 2, 46, 1, 24, 6, 1, or a total of 144 average finish 18th

X- 3, 2, 2, 32, 18, 3, 19, 11 or a total of 90 or average finish 11.25

I think player X is hotter than Perry. She has been playing with a wrist injury this year, that's limited her practice too. Want to take a guess who this former major champion is? One of her nicknames is 'The Little Giant'.

I'll make it easier. Ron Sirak noted clueless golf writer said she was an improbable major champion like Birdie Kim. Incredible major champion is someone who hasn't been out of the top 15 money winners since 2004? Mr. Sirak should start writing about amateur golf tournaments in the Dakotas rather than the LPGA.

The Florida Masochist said...

JJ also played in two major championships whereas Perry skipped the only one available to be played in.

Oops I just named player X. Jeong Jang, 2005 Women's British Open Champ.

Ryan Ballengee said...

Bill, yes, JJ is playing really hot lately. Let me qualify then - the hottest MALE player in the world.