Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mike Davis Keeps the Good Times Rolling

Interlachen is a bit of an unusual setup for a national championship. Coming off of Torrey, though, everything Mike Davis does is as pretty as a bouquet of long stems. The US Women's Open course is setup to be a par 73 - a rare standard for par. Then again, lately we've been beginning to question to real meaning of par in professional golf.

Still, you can expect the normal Open features of tiered rough, fast greens, etc. But Davis has also set up Interlachen with 5 par 5s, probably to the benefit of lengthy hitters since 3 are reachable. He also has several short par 4s which are quickly becoming the Davis trademark. All in all, it should provide for some good "scoring" even though par has been artificially set in that regard.

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