Monday, June 30, 2008

Kenny Perry Doesn't Like Majors

They keep getting in his way of scoring maximum points toward the Ryder Cup. So, he's skipping Royal Birkdale and electing to play in Milwaukee instead.

AOL Fanhouse with the details via Golfweek:

Perry ... confirmed that he will skip the British Open to play in the Greater Milwaukee Open in his attempt to make this year's Ryder Cup in his home state of Kentucky.

"I've won Milwaukee, and I've top-10ed it there the last 12 years in a row and love that tournament," said Perry, No. 6 in the U.S. Ryder Cup standings. "I'll play the British next year."
See my column for how well his strategy is working - because it is. Still, I don't understand this one. The Milwaukee events run opposite to the Open Championship. That tournament earns on 0.5 Ryder Cup points per $1000 won. Each regular event has double that figure in points offered. The majors have 2 points per $1000 won. In effect, Perry is giving up 4 times the number of points possible for him at the Open to stay in a familiar setting.

The winner in Milwaukee will win about $720,000. He will get 360 points if he wins. I know he wouldn't win the Open Championship, but his maximum potential there would be to win and take home over $1.5 million with the exchange rate. He could get 3000 points by winning the Open. This one just doesn't seem to work mathematically speaking.

Besides, Helen Ross at has us pretty well convinced that Perry is already on the team.

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