Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interesting Note from US Open Fact Sheet

The media gets releases from the USGA concerning their activities and championships. They sent out their US Open fact sheet email today and I found this interesting:

TELEVISION COVERAGE – The U.S. Open will enjoy at least 30 hours of live network coverage, with 16 of those hours on NBC. Dan Hicks is scheduled to be at the helm of the NBC broadcast team. ESPN will air at least 14 hours over the first two days of play.
Note that Dan Hicks is mentioned as anchor for NBC. For ESPN, no mention of Chris Berman. That is probably for good reason. I am still dumbfounded every year that Berman is continually allowed to broadcast this event. He isn't even close to good at it. But, I am hopeful this year could be his last. If TNT had the stones to remove Bobby Clampett from their team, then the Worldwide Leader may have to match by eliminating Berman from the golf team.

(Side note: Dan Hicks is married to Hannah Storm, who begins duties as the SportsCenter morning lead anchor in July.)

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