Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Huge Ratings for the US Open

Just to round out the coverage of the Open, let's talk TV numbers. As reported in the NY Times, the Sunday rating in primetime produced a 13.5 number. That is basically CSI good - the most popular show on television - and on a night not known for huge TV viewership.

To put that into historical perspective, here are the ratings for the US Open going back into the 1970s.

Year # View HH# Sh R Net Winner

2000 8.24 6.0 16 4 NBC Tiger Woods
2001 7.62 5.5 16 4 NBC Retief Goosen*
2002 10.75 7.5 20 2 NBC Tiger Woods
2003 5.72 4.2 12 4 NBC Jim Furyk
2004 6.31 4.4 13 4 NBC Retief Goosen
2005 5.82 4.2 12 4 NBC Michael Campbell
2006 5.00 3.5 9 4 NBC Geoff Ogilvy
2007 6.49 4.5 12 4 NBC Angel Cabrera

This Sunday is the highest rating ever for the US Open by 6 whole ratings points.

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