Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canadian Women's Open Purse Increased

We've talked several times on this space this season about potential sponsorship troubles ahead for the LPGA Tour for multiple US events and one in Mexico. Meanwhile, events are sprouting up in Asia with sizable purses. Don't forget Canada, though. The CN Canadian Women's Open is jacking up their purse to $2.75M.

“The CN Canadian Women's Open is a premiere event on the LPGA schedule,” Bivens continued. “We are thrilled with the $500,000 purse increase to $2.75 million for the 2009 event. With more than a $1 million purse increase since becoming title sponsor in 2006, CN continues to raise the bar of excellence in women's professional golf and display the same leadership in sports as they have so effectively applied in the world of business. We are extremely proud to partner with CN, as well as the RCGA; they help us and all of our partners continue to elevate the sport, while showcasing some of the best athletes the world has to offer.”

This increase for the 2009 event represents a $1.45 million jump since CN came on board as title sponsor. On Nov. 14, 2005, only one month after becoming title sponsor of the CN Canadian Women's Open, CN Canadian Women's Tour and CN Future Links, CN announced an increase of the 2006 purse to $1.7 million and, in 2006, announced that the 2007 event would host a purse of $2.25 million.

CN has definitely put a lot into the event and increasing its value (read: money) to the players. After the death of the DuMaurier (the former name of this event), it appeared as though this tournament was teetering on the edge. Not so now.

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